Gibbs Cocktail

Inspired by a traditional Gibson, but spiked with black lemon and amontillado sherry, this big and bright, savory cocktail is the perfect way to start an evening.

Alter Ego

The decadent sister to a classic Negroni.

East Village Manhattan

A bittersweet twist on the classic.

Early Bird

Gin, smoky and fruity. In this refreshing cocktail, the volcanic notes of Amaro dell’Etna are perfectly matched with overproof gin, fresh lemon and strawberry for a delicious, bittersweet punch.


Easily accessible ingredients followed by an easy build, leads to a rich cocktail that’s full of complexity.

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Iceberg Lettuce with Bleu Cheese, Toasted Pecans, and Creamy Mustard Vinaigrette 

Smoked Salmon Frittata with Mizuna and Beet Greens

For savory, smoky breakfast lovers. 

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Recommended tools and techniques for brewing delicious pour-over coffee at home.


Not Too Sweet came to life in 2018 within the cozy confines of my studio apartment. A vintage bar cart transformed a once overlooked kitchen corner into my very first home bar. It was there in my backyard, that friends came together, sharing in the delight of vinegar-poached chicken and sipping on caipirinhas. From those humble beginnings, countless drinks were mixed, and myriad of dinners hosted. Just as I once reveled in the simplicity of roasting food over an open flame, or the unparalleled joy of biting into a fresh fig for the first time, Not Too Sweet has become a canvas for me to share my cherished recipes, insights, and explorations.

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