old timber
Old Timber

Written by: Shannon Partrick

April 15, 2020
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Noble Experiment’s Old Timber


In Noble Experiment’s Old Timber, bourbon plays the star of the show, but the drink itself boasts a complex cast of supporting characters. “We knew we wanted a challenging Old Fashioned that would still be approachable to the average drinker,” says Ryan Kuntz of his amaro and falernum spiked cocktail.

The red winter wheat in Maker’s Mark brings notes of vanilla and baking spice, while the body is rich and velvety. A float of Jamaican rum adds complexity and funk, and the fresh mint garnish creates an herbaceous finish. It’s like drinking an Old Fashioned while walking through the woods.



2 dashes orange bitters
1/4 oz Averna
1/4 oz Velvet Falernum
2 oz bourbon (preferably Maker’s Mark)
1 barspoon float of overproof Jamaican rum (such as Smith & Cross)

Servings | 1 Cocktail

Glassware | Single Rocks

Family | Old Fashioned

Garnish | Mint Sprig, Lemon Oil


Add all ingredients (except rum) to a single rocks glass and stir to combine. Add ice and stir for 1-2 seconds, just enough to add a slight chill (the drink will continue to chill on its own as it sits).

Use a barspoon or small jigger to drizzle overproof rum on top. Express a lemon twist and then discard (you just want the oil from the lemon twist). Garnish with a fresh bundle of mint.

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